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Sandy Robertson

A Trusted and Experienced Wellness Expert and Advocate

  • Former manager of national hospital obesity and wellness programs
  • Holistic nurse (master’s degree) and leader of preventive lifestyle change programs around mind/body wellness in several corporations and hospitals
  • Wealth of knowledge helping people uncover the deeper issues driving unhealthy eating
  • Credentialed alternative health practitioner 

Client Testimonials

Sandy has a very calming presence and was easy to work with. She was able to clearly see ongoing issues that I have with my health, which was enlightening. Her knowledge and understanding of anatomy and physiology was very helpful and she was able to answer my questions dearly and in detail. The whole experience was very positive and quite amazing in its accuracy. I highly recommend Sandy as a Medical Intuitive, and in fact am encouraging two of my family members to work with her as well.

Stephanie Amyot

Sandy,  your energy healing and medical intuitive skills have lifted my energy by far where I began to see it as a necessity in self-care.
Your lifestyle coaching has helped me on many levels, bringing clarity to my life.
Through your energy healing and self-care nourishment coaching, I have experienced how the power of the mind influences the body.

AP, Retail Community Pharmacist

"Sandy Robertson is a caring and professional Healing Touch practitioner. Her remote healing sessions have helped me through a challenging healing process. I always feel better after our sessions and I feel that her skills have helped me recover faster. Sandy’s intuitive insights are always profound and useful. I recommend her highly! "


My intuitive reading was aligned with my current physical challenges in many ways. Although Sandy didn't know I had been diagnosed with a liver disease, she was able to pick up on the issues my liver was having in her scan. We were able to talk about foods I'm currently eating and how they're energetically impacting my liver. I left the conversation with more insight into how my body is functioning and some direction for what I want to do next to continue my health journey.

Ashley Shafer

Sandy's reading was remarkably accurate and stunningly insightful. From tip to tail, she correctly intuited all the areas I've been inexcusably neglecting. Her reading was the wake-up call I didn't realize I needed and I'm beyond grateful. I highly recommend Sandy's services!

Molly O'Connor

I'm not new to the metaphysical. I have been involved and interested in alternative medicines and alternative forms of therapy for over 20 years.  My session with Sandy Robertson was hands down the best, most accurate session I've ever experienced in my life.  My Medical Intuitive Reading was one I will never forget.  I will no doubt call Sandy in the future!

Gina Baker

Sandy Robertson's amazing intuitive abilities, combined with decades as a medical professional, make her an invaluable resource in the journey to creating vibrant health! 

From the first moment of the intuitive medical reading, Sandy blew me away by tuning into on my exact areas of concern. She provided me with insights into which body systems were out of balance and made practical suggestions for future medical evaluation and self-care.

With wisdom and compassion, Sandy brought into focus the life experiences which may be contributing to imbalances, and how to shift them. Working with Sandy is a gift that should not be missed.

Dale Paula Teplitz

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